Accent with Plants

A single-flower vase with playful and organic form, you can enjoy pairing various flowers and plants with SACCO. The mouths which are at different angles create interesting motion, highlighting the lively and delicate expressions of plants. To enjoy arrangements with SACCO, we introduce ideas from Mr. Kawaguchi of POINT NEUF in Tokyo, noted for their refined plant creations.
SACCO vase porcelain with single flower on a bedside table

Purple Meadowsweet × SACCO 02

"An elegant flower that blooms in the summer, purple meadowsweet has been commonly grown in traditional Japanese gardens and has also been used as decoration in tea ceremonies. It is suited for the bedside and other places for relaxation. Soft feathery flowers and broad leaves go well with SACCO 02."

Crest Aeonium × SACCO 01

"A succulent native to western Europe and Morocco, crest aeonium features a rosette of leaves on the stem. The unique branch movement can add a nice character to your workspace. SACCO 01 pairs nicely with plants that have volume towards the tip as well as plants with linear stems."

SACCO vase porcelain with succulent
SACCO vase porcelain with plants

Leucadedron × SACCO 03

"Leucadedron is native to South Africa and originally grows in warm weather. Colorful leaves surround the flower, and its unique form would make a nice display on your dining table. SACCO 03 compliments organic forms and curvy lines of plants."


Masaaki Kawaguchi / POINT NEUF flower shop

Masaaki Kawaguchi / POINT NEUF

From 2005, worked 2 years in France before establishing POINT NEUF. Currently has a shop and atelier in Hiroo in Tokyo, Japan and is involved in a wide range of projects.