Let your day be filled with what inspires you.


It's about slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature in the change of seasons.​ ​It's about savoring a delightful dish with close family and friends to unwind and feel wholesome. It's about coming to understand the joys of finding things that feel just right in your hands.​ We imagine the scenes that enrich your life to develop and bring you products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.


While KINTO is a Japanese brand, we are a global company with subsidiaries in Europe and the US. We also have distribution partners worldwide. Coming together around the shared aspiration to bring comfort and enrichment to the everyday life, KINTO team members represent diverse nationalities, age, gender and sexual orientation, academic and professional backgrounds. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone’s creativity and experiences are valued, and where equal opportunity and treatment are afforded to all.


Inspirations may come from dining experiences, interior spaces, or fields such as fashion. Our passion is ignited by diverse cultures and lifestyles. Often our designs are rooted in Japanese traditions and interpreted in a way that fits with the modern lifestyles all around the world.


We created physical spaces where consumers can get the full KINTO brand experience. Instead of just selling products, the idea is to share the story and values that we cherish as a brand and have people resonate with them.

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