KINTO aspires to create products that bring comfort and inspiration to everyday life. For future generations to be able to enjoy such a lifestyle, we are working on initiatives in consideration of our environment, reducing waste, and building a fair relationship with our partners.

Through products that we believe in, having an outlook on diverse lifestyles, and always being thankful to those we meet on our journey, we hope to have a meaningful relationship with the communities are part of.

Worthy of a lasting connection

The world is full of inexpensive, mass-produced goods that cater to our convenience. At KINTO we want to offer an alternative to mass-consumption, to put forward the idea of forming a lasting connection with objects. We believe that such a mindset is important in giving consideration to the environment. KINTO values durability, ease of use and care, as well as universal and timeless designs in our product development.

Delivering true value

We believe it is not enough to merely deliver a product. We want to deliver products of genuine value that can be used for a long time, and that enriches the daily life. To this end, we offer detailed care instructions and ideas on how to use them, as well work to provide excellent customer service. We also provide spare parts so that products can be used again when a part is worn, broken or lost.

Promoting a sustainable lifestyle​

All KINTO activity stems from our passion to share a lifestyle idea that we believe in. These ideas are always being updated, but the concept of sustainable living is one that we feel has enduring values. KINTO tumblers for example, were developed with the hope that they will inspire people to reuse bottles instead of relying on single-use plastic bottles or disposable cups.

Reducing and eliminating waste

KINTO is always looking for new ways to reduce waste in our processes, from product design to delivery. For example, we are trying out new ways to reduce packaging while safely delivering fragile items such as tableware. We introduced reusable fabric bags for our gift wrapping, and are working towards reducing waste.

Building long-lasting relationships

KINTO's ceramic and porcelain products are produced in two main areas in Japan: Hasami in Nagasaki and Tono in Gifu. It is an honor to work with skilled craftsmen carrying on centuries of tradition as well as with various factories around the world. We value these relationships and want them to be long-lasting. KINTO maintains close communication with all of our partners to build a fair and mutually beneficial partnership where we can all prosper together.

Inspired by diversity

KINTO’s basic principle is to pursue what we ourselves are inspired by, so that we can refine and share these ideas with our customers. We value the curiosity and interests of each of our team members, because it is the passion to enrich our everyday lives that unites us as a company.

Furthermore, diversity within our team is crucial for us to continue generating new and meaningful ideas. KINTO strives to offer a comfortable work environment as well as fair evaluation and treatment for people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, education, or experience.