Cherish your curiosity and passion

Curiosity and passion urge us to learn deeper, to nuture our sensibility and bring forth new ideas.

Curiosity and passion also lead us to seek out new lifestyles and cultures.

As we gain new insights and reflect back on our values and principles, we can build a bold yet relevant business.

By following our curiosity and passion, we can offer products and services that truly resonate with our customers and fill the everyday with inspiration.

At KINTO, curiosity and passion are at the root of everything we do.


We asked our team members about their values and interests and what it is like to work at KINTO.

Cultivating my sensibility

I enjoy doing things that require a little extra time and effort, or looking for nature in the city. I cultivate my sensibility by keeping my eyes, ears, and senses open to the beautiful things around me.

Little discoveries, new experiences and the sensation of being excited are like sparks that help me come up with new ideas.

My goal is to incorporate both the user's and the creator's point of view to produce something that has universal value.

Creative Division, S.N.

Searching for something meaningful

I have always enjoyed sharing my experiences about good food, pleasant spaces, and exciting experiences. At KINTO, everyone is always talking about various things that inspire them, and I like this about my company. These exchanges often lead me to explore new fields and ideas.

Most recently, I have become interested in finding ideas and things that are not necessarily influenced by trends, and understand the quality that makes them timeless. I am lucky to have the opportunity to meet people who are involved in creating these products, and I try to take the time to appreciate them.

Communication Division, F.T.

Curiosity creates a good flow

KINTO has such a wide range of products that my curiosity is always piqued by the new lifestyles and cultures that we share. I make a point of trying out new things for myself, not just reading about them and pretending to understand.

I think this is important when speaking to business partners too. With mutual respect, we can build a relationship where both parties can empathize with each other. Conversations with such business partners are stimulating, often igniting my interest in new directions which in turn enriches my personal life.

For me, work and life are not completely separate but interrelated, each feeding into the other in a positive way.

Marketing Division, D.H.

A dynamic company with a flat, supportive culture

At KINTO there is no hierarchy in the office and I feel comfortable discussing my ideas with the team. I am often met with the response, “If you think it’s a good idea, let’s go ahead and try it.”

Taking ownership for my ideas is challenging, but I like the responsibility that comes with it. My colleagues are always there for me if I need help.

The KINTO culture is one of agility and change, where we aren't afraid to try new ideas. Although the field of my work hasn't changed since joining the company 5 years ago, the systems and tools that we use have changed completely; we are constantly evolving.

Platform Division, K.S.




Take a look into our day to day scenes, told through the voices of our team members.


Week-end Showroom sales associate






KINTO is a Japanese lifestyle brand. We are looking for an experienced week-end Retail sales associate
for our NOLITA flagship store. You will report to management and the sales/ branding team. We are looking for a passionate, resourceful, independent, individual
to fill in this position and overseeing the daily operations of a store, making sure it runs smoothly and effectively.


  • Deliver excellent service to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Respond to customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner.
  • Greeting customers when they walk through the door.
  • Building rapport through conversation and honest recommendations
  • Informing customers of any extra charges if necessary
  • Inviting the customer to join KINTO’s newsletter.
  • Answering the phone.
  • Get the store ready and clean before opening.
  • Sending end of the day recap to the team.


  • High school diploma or general education
    degree (GED).
  • 1-2 years of sales experience or customer
    service experience.
  • Willing to work weekends, and some holidays.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Strong orientation towards providing
    excellent customer service.
  • High attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated selling skills.
  • Ability to maintain a professional appearance.
  • Previous retail, sales and/or hospitality
    experience a major plus.
  • Computer literate; familiarity using POS
  • Extremely personable, positive, and

Please submit your application at: