Barista Note - International -

We asked coffee shops from around the world about their impressions of the POUR OVER KETTLE.
Pan Zhi Min | Coffee SalonBEIJING, CHINA

Coffee Salon

Pan Zhi Min


“The POUR OVER KETTLE is perfect, in terms of the water speed and constant dripping feeling. Especially the handle and the lid can be held and opened comfortably.”

Atsuomi Ito | Goodman RoasterTAIPEI, TAIWAN

Goodman Roaster

Atsuomi Ito

"The size of the handle and its distance to the body is just right. When opening and closing the hinged lid, I can feel the weight of it is just perfect too. I felt it maintains the temperature of hot water longer than the other kettles. The overall design is appealing and it caught the attention of many customers. I think it can be a great interior item for the home as well."

Hikaru Ono | Brew Bros coffeeHONG KONG

Brew Bros coffee

Hikaru Ono

“The simple design without excess is appealing. I am satisfied by the weight that is just right, and the handle that is comfortable to hold and lets me control the water flow easily. The mirror finish is easy to keep clean and this feature is valuable in a busy shop. ”

Laida Sithipruthanon | OMNIA Cafe and RoasteryCHIANGMAI, THAILAND

OMNIA Cafe and Roastery

Laida Sithipruthanon

"A good coffee drip kettle must work harmoniously with a barista. This kettle is lightweight and is suited for brewing and serving. Its gooseneck allows water to flow easily, but does not flow too fast. This maintains a stable water temperature and it can brew coffee consistently. It is good for extraction of your coffee beans’ flavor."

Frederick Schmidt | Original CoffeeCOPENHAGEN, DENMARK

Original Coffee

Frederick Schmidt /

The design of it is absolutely stunning, very clean, almost like a beauty accessory. When I got my hands on it I was even more pleased—the balance and weight of it gives it a supreme control over the water flow. For me, it’s one of the easiest (if not the easiest) kettle to pour with, both for a novice barista and an experienced one."


Lot Sixty One

Adam Craig

"The kettle immediately felt well balanced in the hand which allowed me to have excellent control over water flow. A big plus was that I could use one hand to open and close the flap of the kettle, thus saved time filling kettle with water and keeping the temperature stable."

Mikael Portannier | Café LomiPARIS, FRANCE

Café Lomi

Mikael Portannier /

"In general, I look for functionality and aesthetics in the coffee equipment that I use. With this kettle, I really appreciated the curve of the handle that makes the pouring easy and comfortable. This helps also to give more precision to the pouring. Also, I liked the matt finishing which gives it a comfortable and sensual feeling."

Jeremy Challender | Prufrock CoffeeLONDON, UK

Prufrock Coffee

Jeremy Challender

“This kettle has a lovely ergonomic design and a smart hinging lid we can't possibly lose. It's super strong and there are no visible weld lines so it appears to be cast, which promises a lot more durability and rust resistance. I'm a big fan of the subtly brushed steel finish which conceals steaks and fingerprints in busy service.”