Collaboration: muraco (Japan)

Outdoor brand Muraco and KINTO have partnered to create a custom TO GO TUMBLER. At Muraco's flagship store in Tachikawa, Tokyo, they also carry ALFRESCO tableware. Take a look and find out more about the collaboration.
Message from muraco
"Muraco creates sturdy, beautiful outdoor tools that help us discover new sensations. To do this we draw our inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including cultures and products traditionally unrelated with outdoor activities.

Our TO GO TUMBLER is a Muraco TACHIKAWA exclusive item, designed in monotone with the 'm' logo. The double wall vacuum insulation provides excellent heat and cold retention, the tapered shape and dimensions make it easy to hold, and the rim is pleasant to drink from. We also like the matte finish."
"ALFRESCO is available at the Muraco TACHIKAWA store. Plastic is a good material for outdoor tableware because it is thin and light, but if it is too thin it looks cheap and breaks easily. We like ALFRESCO because it has just the right thickness and weight which makes it easy to handle. We also like the look and feel of the material mixed with bamboo fiber.

Both products are ideal for camping and picnics, but we also hope you enjoy using them when dining at home (ALFRESCO), on your commute and at work (TO GO TUMBLER). We think these products are perfect for Tachikawa, a city that sits on the border of a great metropolis and the countryside."


Muraco is an outdoor brand created by a small metal fabrication factory. Manufactured by craftsmen whose skills are honed in an industry where even a 0.01mm error can affect quality, the precision and reliability of their products are second to none. Under the concept “a new choice for everyone who loves the outdoors”, Muraco proposes a new style that draws inspiration from various cultures, breaking free from existing boundaries. / @muraco_designs