Collaboration: ROKUMEI COFFEE CO.

KINTO recently collaborated with the ROKUMEI COFFEE, a specialty coffee shop in Nara (Japan) to create a custom DAY OFF TUMBLER. ROKUMEI COFFEE sent us a message about why they chose KINTO, along with some suggestions for using the tumbler.
“ROKUMEI COFFEE’s goal is to enrich our customers’ lives by providing small but fulfilling experiences through specialty coffee. In addition to serving good drinks, could we contribute to our customers’ everyday happiness by recommending high quality utensils, too? This was our thinking behind choosing KINTO’s DAY OFF TUMBLER.

We believe that a good tumbler must have a carefully designed lip that allows the coffee to flow as naturally as if you were drinking from a cup. The DAY OFF TUMBLER’s mouth is very smooth; the drinking experience absolutely stress-free. It was exactly what we were looking for.

We also felt the rounded shapes and colors were cute, that it was something you would want to pick up and carry around. If you’re going to use it every day, it’s nice to own something you love. I hope people will enjoy picking from one of our custom colors. "
"With this tumbler, we hope our customers can take their favorite coffee wherever they go.

The bottle is ideal for keeping coffee, because the inner coating makes it stain-resistant. And it doesn’t pick up odors easily like other tumblers often do, meaning you can enjoy the rich aromas of coffee every time.

It also comes with excellent heat/cold retention and a mouth designed to catch ice cubes, so you have the choice of enjoy piping hot coffee in winter and iced coffee in summer.

We hope that the DAY OFF TUMBLER will make your daily coffee routine even more pleasurable."


Established in 1974, ROKUMEI is a specialty coffee shop in the historic city of Nara (Japan). The shop represents the passion and devotion of a former Japanese coffee roasting champion. From barista-dripped coffees using in-house roasted beans to delightful croissants and desserts made from locally-sourced ingredients, ROKUMEI continues to provide enrichment to customers’ lives through specialty coffee.