[COLUMN] A Place Without Borders

Take a look into our day to day scenes, told through the voices of our team members.

"A Place Without Borders "

I joined KINTO 15 years ago as a new graduate, and I have been involved in import/export and other international matters ever since. Trade is so exciting. I love it when everything goes smoothly as planned. I live in Otsu and work in Hikone. Although both cities are part of Shiga Prefecture, there is a lot more snow around our office and the scenery is beautiful. Boarding the train on a winter morning is like embarking on a little journey. I love my hometown of Shiga, but having spent my childhood in the United States I wanted a job with that also had global exposure. At KINTO I speak to my overseas colleagues every day to handle the general affairs and accounting for our US and European businesses. Because we communicate on video, our conversation is so natural that I sometimes forget I am in Hikone. Reimbursing expenses for our European staff from the other side of the world – what convenient times we live in! I often wonder if KINTO’s open culture owes something to this close relationship we have with our overseas offices. We welcome different perspectives and are always trying new things. Our CEO and staff are quick to decide what needs to be done, and reject what doesn’t. The fact that my department was created pretty recently also suggests how easily KINTO overcomes borders, not just between countries, cultures, and people, but also the psychological barrier between idea and action. (Head office staff Y.F.)