[COLUMN] In the Streets

Take a look into our day to day scenes, told through the voices of our team members.

"In the Streets"

Inspiration. For me, it comes at the most trivial moments. The other day, I was walking down Harajuku to buy my wife a birthday cake. At least on her special day, I wanted to get her the ice-cream cake she had told me about once, and I was headed for the cake shop. It was then that I felt something that I hadn’t felt in a while. The bustle of the streets, stylish people, happy conversation, an extra spring in everyone’s step. All I was doing was walking, but I felt myself overflowing with energy. It was like the streets were talking to me. Another time, I had attended a reception in Kiyosumi-shirakawa and was walking through Ueno-okachimachi station to change trains. When I got outside and started walking the streets, all of a sudden I felt my body surging with power. At a little after 7:30pm, the streets of Ueno were full of people going out, bustling, bristling with vitality. Yes, this is it, I thought to myself, recognizing the swelling sensation. There was nothing concrete to inspire me, yet the scene seemed to outline itself in bold. A smell, a sound, a landscape – I hope to keep my senses honed to appreciate the invisible nuances in such things. (Tokyo Office staff D.H.)