Green space

The KINTO Tokyo showroom has become filled with plants. The plant display is produced by Kohei Oda, the owner of Qusamura based in Japan. He values not only the color and shape, but the uniqueness and story of each plant. From cacti, potted plants, air plants, to dried flowers, various plants were arranged with the newly launching single flower vase collection.​ ​

SACCO vase porcelain with assortment of plants and succulents on display at the KINTO Tokyo showroom

SACCO vase porcelain with single flower

SACCO vase porcelain with assortment of flowers and plants on display

Succulents on display on shelves

Cacti on display

Grafted cacti were also full of character, potted in special CLK-151 pots specially produced for the in-house exhibition.

Cactus on display

People sitting and exploring KINTO Tokyo showroom

At the 2018 New Collection Exhibition held in the KINTO Tokyo showroom, many of our partners enjoyed the display incorporating greenery. We hope to continue introducing ideas for enjoying plants in urban living.