Gift Guide: Scenes in Nature

Explore the products that bring you closer to nature, enrich your space, and boost your well-being. From our pots, porcelain and glass vases, to our  hanging planters, you can give the gift of a peace-of-mind this holiday to your loved ones.

Stylish and simple, the LUNA vases are for every household. Designed to come with a brass top that can be removed, the LUNA is great for all seasonal flowers and plants. Make the LUNA part of your day and let them bring daily inspiration.

Find quality planters to keep all your favorite plants safe and thriving from our collection of PLANT POTS. Versatile design with the durable ceramic material gives each of our plant pots harmony between traditional and modern aesthetics. SACCO
Select from a variety of colors and materials to accent your space with nature. The abstract shapes of each SACCO vase make it a great stand alone piece, or add single-flowers or plants to bring calm to any table. 
Crafted with glass, use the AQUA CULTURE VASE, to showcase beautiful floral arrangements, or to watch the stems sprout from a propagated leaf. With a removable glass lid, you can choose from a variety of ways to display nature on your dining table, or kitchen counter.Hanging PLANT POT
Display elegant hanging plants at your home with the hanging PLANT POT. With a rounded form and textured finish, the pot made of plastic goes well with refined interior spaces. The pot consists of two parts, the inner container and the outer cover. The inner container has a drainage hole which allows water to drain freely and keeps plants healthy.