Introduction to Pour Over Coffee - Stainless Steel Filter -

The process of making pour over coffee can create a moment of relaxation with rich aroma filling the air. It is exciting to discover various flavors depending on the roast, origin, and grind of the coffee beans. You may also notice differences in taste according to the water temperature and pouring speed. The SLOW COFFEE STYLE collection offers both the stainless steel filter and cotton paper filter for brewing, so that you can choose according to your style and preference.​

By using the stainless steel filter, you can extract coffee oil to brew rich, aromatic coffee. Medium grind to medium-coarse grind is recommended for the coffee beans.​
Opening coffee beans and scooping using KINTO wooden spoon
SLOW COFFEE STYLE collection on a table
1. Pour ground coffee into the filter. Adjust the amount of ground coffee and hot water to suit your taste.
(A guide of 1 cup : 10 g of ground coffee for approximately 150 ml / 5 oz)
Placing stainless steel filter into SLOW COFFEE STYLE brewer
Pouring ground coffee beans into stainless steel filter
Sifting ground coffee bean inside stainless steel filter
2. Pour a small amount of hot water into the center of the coffee mound and let it bloom for 30 seconds. Then slowly pour more hot water—drawing a spiral from the center.​
After brewing, there may be some fine coffee powders left at the bottom of the carafe. This is a characteristic of the stainless steel filter which allows a direct extraction of the coffee.​
Using POUR OVER KETTLE to pour water into SLOW COFFEE STYLE products
Removing stainless steel filter
Pouring coffee using SLOW COFFEE STYLE coffee server
SLOW COFFEE STYLE coffee server
SLOW COFFEE STYLE mug with coffee inside