KINTO Coffee Bar with Iron and Kin

A Weekend of Craft and Community at KINTO STORE Los Angeles.

This past weekend, KINTO USA transformed its Los Angeles store into a vibrant meeting spot for coffee lovers. In a special collaboration with Iron and Kin, visitors were treated to an exclusive coffee bar experience, blending the art of coffee with the aesthetics of KINTO.

Central to our weekend event was a meticulously crafted coffee menu, thoughtfully designed to appeal to every taste. For those who appreciate the timeless, we offered classics like Espresso, Drip, and Cappuccino. Meanwhile, Iron and Kin's exclusive "Affirmation Lattes" catered to those seeking a novel sensory experience. Each latte was more than just a drink; it was an embodiment of creativity and care.

As guests approached our store, they were greeted not just by the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee but by a scene set for interaction and inspiration. Iron and Kin, with their unmatched dedication to quality, manned a full coffee bar, providing complimentary drinks that catered to diverse tastes—from the robust to the subtly nuanced.


The outdoor coffee bar allowed guests to connect directly with Iron and Kin's skilled baristas. This interaction wasn't just about serving coffee; it was about sharing the craft behind each cup, ensuring every guest not only enjoyed their drink but also valued the expertise and story behind it.

Iron and Kin
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