KINTO Head Office

In May 2018, the KINTO Head Office in Japan relocated next to the Logistics Center within the same Hikone city in Shiga prefecture. Through creating a comfortable workspace, we aim to deliver even richer experiences to our partners and customers. The greenery around the office has been produced by Qusamura, who also worked on the plant display for KINTO’s 2018AW New Collection Exhibition held in Tokyo Office showroom. The greenery has helped to create a relaxing and inspirational workspace.​ ​

Interior of KINTO head office

Coffee table with SLOW COFFEE STYLE SPECIALTY brewer on display

KINTO employee working on a table at the KINTO head office

Casual meeting at KINTO head office

Cacti and mini explorer figure at KINTO head office

Employee drinking coffee at KINTO head office

Outside sitting area at KINTO head office