KINTO Lounge: A Memorable Evening of Music and Elegance

A Perfect Pairing of Music and Wine

This past Saturday, the KINTO STORE Los Angeles transformed into a vibrant hub of music, wine, and sophisticated glassware for the KINTO Lounge event. The evening was a perfect blend of community connection and elegant indulgence.

The DJ partners from Live On All Frequencies provided a curated music set that enhanced the ambiance of the KINTO Lounge. Their selection of music created an inviting atmosphere for the event.

Our ROW neighbors, Flask and Field, provided a fine selection of wines and snacks. Their offerings perfectly complemented the evening's atmosphere, adding a touch of sophistication and enjoyment. Attendees appreciated the pairing of these wines and curated snacks, enhancing their experience at the KINTO Lounge.

One of the evening's highlights was the showcase of our KRONOS glassware collection. Guests had the chance to experience firsthand the elegance and functionality of KINTO's meticulously crafted pieces. The KRONOS collection's craftsmanship enchanted both new and long-time KINTO enthusiasts.

Flask and Field
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Live On All Frequencies