kkot is a botanical design studio based in Los Angeles focusing on timeless and considered botanical design, and specializing in botanicals for events, installations, and styling. kkot was responsible for all of the floral and botanical design in KINTO’s Los Angeles store.

We asked Soyoung Czerwonka of kkot to style our AQUA CULTURE VASE and share with us her inspirations and approach to botanical design.
Soyoung Czerwonka at KINTO USA showroom in Los Angeles
AQUA CULTURE VASE with assortment of flowers on a counter top
Assortment of flowers in AQUA CULTURE VASES on display table
— Where do you find inspiration for your botanical designs?
I'm inspired by interior design, architecture, and fashion. My biggest inspiration is Japanese and Scandinavian design. I love the simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.​​

— What are some things that you keep in mind when styling?
When I'm styling I focus on color, shape, and structure. The style I create is influenced by the brand I am working with. I look for inspiration from their products, branding, and execution. Working with a brand that inspires me is very important. I focus on the style of space as much as the style I am creating. I want my work to blend with the space and play off each other without taking focus from one or the other.

— Do you have favorite flowers/plants that you like to incorporate?
I don't have a favorite flower, I focus more on color and shape. My favorite colors to use together are green and white. White is clean, simple, and minimal. Green is natural, fresh, and organic.
Soyoung pruning flowers
White flower bouquet
—Do you have tips on how to pair vases and floral arrangements to create a thoughtful gift for someone?
To start, use the person's favorite flower or color and use that as the main focus of the arrangement. Then add flowers that help bring out the main and not take away from it. These flowers are usually called filler. You can select filler flowers whose shape, structure, and color support the main.
To choose the right vase keep in mind the main flower. Choose a vase that blends well in terms of shape and color. It’s important to remember that the scale of the flowers and vase should be different.
Presentation is also very important. How you present the arrangement is as important as the arrangement. You can wrap it or box it, and include a thoughtful note.
Dried flowers in SACCO vase porcelain on display table
Assortment of flowers and AQUA CULTURE VASE on a tray