Le Café Alain Ducasse

At Le Café Alain Ducasse in Paris, Michelin star French chef Alain Ducasse takes on the world of coffee with haute-cuisine standards of excellence, creating sensual and unique taste experiences. In the cafe, a Cafelier makes coffee service a ceremony. Cascara is crushed in a mortar then thinly sliced, chocolate is shaved like a truffle, lightly whipped cream is prepared “à la minute”: the codes of cuisine take your coffee experience to a new dimension. Our KRONOS double wall glasses are used here to immerse customers with the rich aroma and flavors of coffee.
KRONOS cup with coffee and interior shot of coffee bar with coffee beans
Interior with coffee displays and a center piece with coffeeware
Coffee bar
Barista pouring water into brewer with close up of coffee beans on display
Person reading magazine and drinking coffee from KRONOS double wall cup
Le Café Alain Ducasse