Product Care Guide: Stainless Steel Tumblers

Here we introduce care tips for your stainless steel tumblers so that you can enjoy using them for a long time.

Check that silicone rings are properly attached
Leakage can be prevented by attaching silicone rings in the proper direction.

TRAVEL TUMBLER and DAY OFF TUMBLER come with two silicone rings: smaller one for the upper lid and bigger one for the inner cap. Please attach both silicone rings so that the slit faces towards the bottle.

TRAVEL tumbler collection in black, white, red, turquoise, and stainless steel
TRAVEL tumbler disassembled with lid, cap, and silicone rings
showing how to remove silicone rings from cap and lid
DAY OFF tumbler collection in mustard, white, navy, gray, rose, and khaki
DAY OFF tumbler disassembled lid, cap, and silicone rings
Removing silicone rings from DAY OFF tumbler
With the ACTIVE TUMBLER, please attach silicone ring so that the flat side faces towards the lid.
ACTIVE tumbler collection in white, black, sand beige, ash pink, blue gray
ACTIVE tumbler disassembled cap and silicone ring
With the PLAY TUMBLER, please attach silicone ring so that the slit faces towards the bottle.
PLAY tumbler collection in red, lime green, purple, turquoise
PLAY tumbler disassembled lid, straw, and how to remove silicone ring
Close the lid securely in level position
Close the lid securely making sure that it is not slanted. You can turn the lid counter-clockwise to find its level position. When carrying your tumbler, keep it upright just to be safe.
Person holding handle of the white DAY OFF tumbler
Wash and care
▼Daily care
Use a brush or sponge and wash with a neutral dishwashing liquid detergent. Dry well.
For straw-type spouts, we recommend using a fine brush and spray-type dishwashing detergent.
Using a brush to clean tumbler
Using a brush to clean the spout of the PLAY tumbler
▼Removing stains and odors
We recommend soaking and washing with oxygen bleach.
Soaking PLAY tumbler straw, cap, and silicone ring to cleanse

1) Dissolve 3g (approx. 1/2~1 teaspoon) of powder type oxygen bleach in 1 liter of warm water (around 40-50℃ / 104-122°F).
2) Fill the tumbler with the liquid from step 1. Disassemble the lid and silicone ring, and soak in the liquid from step 1.
3) Soak for about 1 hour, wash well, and dry. If there are any remaining stains, rub with a soft sponge.
*Baking soda can also be used. Dissolve 25g (approx. 2 tablespoons) of baking soda in warm water and follow the same steps as above.

Please note: Do not use the following cleaning methods as they may cause deformation, leakage, and deterioration of the product.
- Dishwasher
- Sterilizing in boiling water
- Washing with chlorine bleach

If usability changes
If the silicone ring become loose or if the tumbler leaks even with the silicone ring correctly in place, please obtain new ones.
> Spare parts are available here