For Outdoor Ventures that Ignite the Senses - TRAIL TUMBLER vol.1 -

TRAIL TUMBLER is designed for outdoor ventures that ignite the senses. The idea was to create a light, compact tumbler with enough capacity for activities like trekking and camping.

We interviewed product designer Shin Azumi about his inspiration and design process.
—Was there a particular scene or object that inspired the design for this tumbler?
"I imagined a place surrounded by nature, the refreshing, invigorating sensation of drinking directly from the bottle and enjoying that moment to the fullest. I chose a linear design because it contrasts pleasantly with the organic shapes in nature. I also imagined the tumbler being placed on the table for a nice outdoors dinner, so I gave it a clean look that would not be out of place alongside bottles of wine and beer."
—What were the main challenges in the design process?
"The challenge was ensuring usability – we made no compromises there. In a simple, linear design like this, the smallest difference in dimensions can have a huge impact on the usability or aesthetics. So we experimented with various widths, heights, and tapers using full-size prototypes until we found the best proportion. Another challenge was polishing up the finer details of the design so that it has a sense of rigidness, yet it is not too rough and rugged. For example, I made sure the size, thickness and shape of the mouth is pleasant to drink from, and the silicone rings are designed so they are easy to wash."
—You have designed many tumblers for KINTO in the past – what do you think this latest addition of the TRAIL TUMBLER means for KINTO's tumbler series?
"Each KINTO tumbler has been designed with a specific scenario in mind. They all look different because they are intended for different scenes, but they feel like a family of products because they share the same aesthetics and balance. I think the new TRAIL TUMBLER makes the family even more diverse and enjoyable."
—How do you want users to enjoy this product, and what do you see for the future of outdoor leisure?
Disposable bottles are everywhere – but I hope that this tumbler makes the idea of carrying your favorite drink in your favorite bottle just a little bit more attractive. Our modern lives are busy and complicated, but I think it’s important that at least when we drink, we surrender ourselves to the simple, quiet pleasure of hydration. "Outdoor equipment design" tends to be tied to a specific design language, but I feel it has not adapted to changes in user demand. In the future I would like to see more diversity in outdoor product design to reflect the varying needs of consumers.

Shin Azumi

Established ‘a studio’ in 2005 in London, UK. His design works include consumer products, furniture, lighting, electronics and audio equipments as well as spatial design for shops, restaurants, and exhibitions. Since 2016, he is taking the professorship at Hosei University, Faculty of Engineering and Design, in Japan.