Release and Refresh

Begin your day slowly in a relaxing style that feels natural to you.​ ​
Take in the warm, soft sunlight. Choose an aroma that fits your mood. Find your mind and body refreshed.
Mayo Uchida pouring water into red WORKOUT bottle
Person selecting from a row of essential oils
Dabbing essentials oils into palm
Mayo Uchida sitting on a yoga mat in a sitting yoga position
Mayo Uchida doing a sitting hamstring stretch on yoga mat
Mayo Uchida drinking out of the red WORKOUT bottle
Mayo Uchida in yoga pose
Mayo Uchida in yoga pose
Mayo Uchida sitting on a yoga mat with the red WORKOUT bottle
Mayo Uchida
Independent yoga instructor with experience in winning the World Cheerleading Championship. Deepened yoga practice in India, and currently works to share yoga as a way to lead a joyful life. Also works as a yoga coordinator for the company FEELDOM which develops fitness, health, beauty, and travel programs for businesses.