Staff Picks - Coffee Mugs

KINTO team members use various mugs for different drinks and scenes. Here are some our favorite coffee mugs that we have been using recently.

"The texture of the clay and the subtle unevenness of the glaze gives it a handmade feel, but it's sturdy and great for daily use." Staff S.K.

"Brewing a cup of coffee with my SCS-S04 brewer stand set and enjoying it with some cookies is bliss." Staff C.S.

"The rugged look of the mug goes well with coffee. The fit of the handle and the soft mouthfeel is really nice too." Staff S.N.

"The amber color is a perfect match with coffee. I like using it with the CLK-151 plate for a sophisticated feel." Staff M.A.

"I like the retro look of this cup. I put in lots of ice and enjoy iced coffee." Staff K.T.

"It's lightweight and the handle is comfortable to hold. The warmth of the color elevates the taste of the coffee." Staff S.K.

"This is one of my essential items when working remotely. I drink little by little, so I appreciate the functional design which keeps drinks warm and cold for a long time." Staff K.F.

"I use the 360ml size when I want to drink lots of coffee. My wife also uses this, and it's the perfect size for adding milk to her coffee." Staff K.S.

"It's nice how the lid helps to keep dust out and drinks stay at a temperature that's pleasant for drinking." Staff H.S.

"The slightly tapered form is great for enjoying the aroma of coffee." Staff K.T.

"I like how the tones and expressions slightly vary in each mug. While it has a sense of presence it's not too heavy. This is my go-to mug for morning coffee." Staff M.S.

"The texture of the mug is so soft and pleasant, and it's perfectly made so that it's easy to hold." Staff M.E.

"I love being able to see the different layers of the drink through the glass. The handle is the perfect size for my fingers, and the rim feels very natural on the lip " Staff M.E.

"The design of is simple yet straight to the point. The softness and angle of the rim makes it pleasant to drink from, and the glass is lightweight but very durable and easy to wash." Staff D.D.

"I love that I can use it for drinking coffee as well as for other uses: measuring coffee beans, resting the brewer after use, and putting in small snacks." Staff T.O.

"The shape has an easy-going feel and it goes great with my weekend morning coffee or latte. It's very stable and I've never knocked this one over." Staff K.F.

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