Traveling with KINTO - Madeira

Bartek Kolaczkowski, a photographer based in Poland, specialises in captivating travel and lifestyle photography. Alongside his creative endeavours, he enjoys the act of savouring specialty coffee, and whenever possible, brings along a coffee set to enrich his adventures.

During their recent expedition to Madeira, Bartek and his partner Monika embraced the island's perpetual springtime allure, with KINTO products to accompany them on the way.


Madeira, spanning a compact 800 km2, boasts diverse landscapes ranging from majestic mountains to lush forests and cascading waterfalls. This natural paradise presents abundant opportunities for outdoor exploration, a central theme of their voyage.


Equipped with essential gear, Bartek and Monika included KINTO items tailored to their hiking adventures. They packed the TRAIL TUMBLER complemented by the TUMBLER STRAP, and the ALFRESCO brewer jug set coupled with the POUR OVER KETTLE, creating an ideal setup for coffee breaks amidst nature.


Bartek and Monika prioritised discovering picturesque locations to appreciate the island's natural beauty, capturing striking images as they journeyed.


Bartek Kolaczkowski
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