UNITEA Stories: Michelberger Hotel

"Tea as an expression"

"Our bar space is a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and we encourage people to use it how they like. It's the same principle with enjoying a pot of tea here - some people come in to have a quick and energizing black tea, while others nurse a pot of something like our Calmer tea (sage, lavender, blackberry leaf, nettle) over the course of a whole afternoon. Tea can be a great expression of personal choice."

/ Pairing suggestion
Have a salad or a sandwich, and afterwards enjoy a slice of cake and tea. Berliners love fresh ginger tea to complete a meal or snack.
Pouring water into UNITEA one touch teapot with SCS mug on a tray
UNITEA teapot and SCS mug on NONSLIP tray
UNITEA one touch teapot and SCS mug
Tea brewing with UNITEA one touch teapot and SCS mug on a NONSLIP tray


Indoor seating area and coffee shop Michelberger Hotel

Michelberger Hotel


Opened in Berlin, Germany in 2009. A hotel with a restaurant and bar, Michelberger is a popular hangout in the city where creatives collaborate, create and engage.