Your favorite drink, on the go - TRAVEL TUMBLER vol.1 -

KINTO’s TRAVEL TUMBLER is a tumbler for people who lead a flexible but conscious lifestyle.
Since its release in 2017, it has quickly become one of KINTO’s signature items, adding new colors and sizes along the way.

We asked our product development team manager how this popular tumbler was born.
- A vacuum-insulated stainless bottle was unchartered territory for KINTO. How did the idea come about?
In 2017, an increasing number of people had started carrying reusable bottles out of concern for the environment, and there were already many different bottles on the market. But when I looked to purchase one, I couldn’t find one that suited my needs and my lifestyle. So we thought why not take matters into our own hands and design a practical, high quality, and beautiful tumbler.
- What was the core concept of the TRAVEL TUMBLER? What were your priorities?
KINTO had been working on SCS (Slow Coffee Style) coffeeware and many of our staff are very passionate about coffee. So we imagined the tumbler would be used for carrying coffee brewed carefully at home, or getting take-aways from cafes. It therefore had to be easy to drink from, and ideally retain and release aromas well.

One of our top priorities was to create a tumbler that would allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks wherever you were, just the way you like it.
Good heat and cold retention was therefore a non-negotiable.

Another priority was to make the user experience as stress-free as possible.
It had to be light enough to carry around, pleasant enough to sip from even when walking, and easy to clean.
- Did you face any challenges in realizing this concept?
Yes, we knew we wanted the tumbler to be as light as possible, but we quickly realized that if the metal was too thin it would dent easily and damage the appearance. It was very difficult to find the optimal balance between the durability and weight to make sure the bottle was fit for daily use.

- What other features are you proud of?
The lid covers the mouth of the tumbler completely to protect it from germs.
It is also very easy to open with a half twist, and the structure is designed so that drinks flow at a comfortable speed.
The finish was also a point of much discussion. In the end we opted for a powder coat because it gave the tumbler a nice feel and texture. This matte finish serves a functional purpose too, protecting the tumbler from scratches and grimy fingerprints as well as adding extra grip.
- The TRAVEL TUMBLER’s color scheme is different from the schemes used in KINTO’s tableware. What was the thinking behind this?
Most of KINTO’s existing products were intended to be used at home, like in the kitchen or dining room, so it was important that the design, textures and colors would blend into the interior. The TRAVEL TUMBLER on the other hand is meant to be used outside, so we thought it needed to make a bit more of a fashion statement. With this in mind we chose stainless steel with a hairline finish, and muted earthy colors that would look good outdoors or with military fashion as an accessory.
- Looking back, how was the product development experience as a whole?
It was KINTO’s first vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle, so we worked very closely with designer Shin Azumi and our partnership factories from concept development to production, going through many prototypes until we achieved the desired product. Every detail of this minimalist design has been carefully considered. We hope you will find it comfortable to use and easy to care for.

Stay tuned for our next blog: an interview with Shin Azumi, the designer of the TRAVEL TUMBLER.