KINTO Journal Article Our Coffeeware

Our Coffeeware

Enjoy the simple ritual of pour-over coffee with KINTO’s coffeeware. Explore our lineup to find one that suits your values and lifestyle to find...

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KINTO Journal Article Johnna Slaby(artist)

Johnna Slaby(artist)

Johnna Slaby is an artist from the lively neighborhood of Ikuno in Osaka, Japan. She has recently moved to Cambridge in England and continues to ...

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KINTO Journal Article Person reaching into wooden cabinet with KINTO products inside

Out on the Bay

Photo Essay by Brandon Herrell Things built with a human hand have a different kind of feeling. Bow Edison is a small artist colony a couple hou...

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KINTO Journal Article Weekend Home (USA)

Weekend Home (USA)

Weekend Home has launched their first eco-friendly getaway, The Mountain House, located in Catskill, NY. Only two hours away from Manhattan, the ...

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KINTO Journal Article Collaboration: AKASHI-KAMA

Collaboration: AKASHI-KAMA

American fashion brand AKASHI-KAMA and KINTO have partnered to create a custom TRAVEL TUMBLER. Take a look and find out about the story behind th...

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