KINTO Journal Article Our Coffeeware

Our Coffeeware

Enjoy the simple ritual of pour-over coffee with KINTO’s coffeeware. Explore our lineup to find one that suits your values and lifestyle to find...

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KINTO Journal Article LUNA vase brown and clear with flowers

Accent with plants

Yukari Iki, director of “The Little Shop of Flowers” is known for her rustic yet sophisticated arrangements. Here, Yukari shares some inspiratio...

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KINTO Journal Article Storefront of KINTO store Tokyo


KINTO STORE Tokyo has opened in Nakameguro on March 21st. Under the concept of a comfortable and rich everyday life, we sought to create a space...

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KINTO Journal Article KINTO USA storefront at the ROW DTLA


At KINTO we are passionate about creating products that bring comfort and inspiration to the everyday life. At our new retail and office space i...

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KINTO Journal Article Single flower vase SACCO vase porcelain

Accent with Plants

A single-flower vase with playful and organic form, you can enjoy pairing various flowers and plants with SACCO. The mouths which are at differen...

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