KINTO Journal Article Single flower vase SACCO vase porcelain

Accent with Plants

A single-flower vase with playful and organic form, you can enjoy pairing various flowers and plants with SACCO. The mouths which are at differen...

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KINTO Journal Article LOT SIXTY ONE coffee shop

KINTO Europe Office

KINTO Europe office is located in Amsterdam. Summertime in this city is perfect for commuting on the bike and enjoying a nice breeze. On the firs...

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KINTO Journal Article Reading on a balcony with the navy DAY OFF tumbler

A day off in Paris

For an active yet laid-back day off DAY OFF TUMBLER is designed for an easygoing, active day off. The open air will help you feel calmer and ...

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KINTO Journal Article Pouring water into UNITEA one touch teapot with SCS mug on a NONSLIP tray

UNITEA Stories

Enjoy tea casually and freely UNITEA integrates harmoniously into any scene. In "UNITEA Stories" we introduce ideas from KINTO partners aroun...

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